Our Shop offers custom tattooing from the finest local artists and brilliant artists worldwide…an experience to last a lifetime. This store gives enthusiasts the opportunity to have a custom tattoo designed by the most accomplished and brilliant tattoo artists.

The focus of this studio is to offer a unique experience to each client that will be memorable for everyone.  Skilled artists are eager to create spectacular art that defines each individual client, our ambition is to exceed all expectations. Featuring high-end service and spectacular artist talent, Chicago Ink has it all covered.

Our services include custom tattoos from world-renowned artists in a clean environment. Our artists are also skilled in tattoo cover-ups and tattoo enhancement. Although it is difficult to give an accurate price for a tattoo over the Internet you can book an appointment online for your convenience, as our artists are usually booked in advance. Our goal is to make everyone comfortable whether you are a tattoo collector or a first-timer. The knowledgeable staff provides everyone with the same great service.

Each client is treated with integrity and respect, and we do not discriminate against race, nationality, religious background or sexual orientation.

We offer body piercing including microdermals as well as all the jewelry that goes with it.  Our professional piercer will make your experience comfortable whether it’s as basic as your ears or the newest microdermal piercings.