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Omar sheriff


My name is OMAR they call me SHERIFF because of my mom, she use to call me like that because of this Arab actor "Omar Sharif". I been into art for as long as I can remember my first memories are about me taking any piece of paper and drawing anything and ever since then I been into art , sculpting, airbrushing, pin striping, airbrushing on cars, paintbrush on canvas, airbrush on t-shirt ,murals and more I mean I love the arts and anything that I see on my every day bases I try to incorporate into my drawings and of course my tattoos.
My passion for tattooing started when I got my first tattoo I remember myself just starring at the tattoo artist wile he was doing my tattoo and just thinking " I think I can do this , this looks like fun and something I would do and way better than this haha" this was the year 2001, my tattoo artist sold me a tattoo kit for little or almost no money at all and that's how everything started but it wasn't till 2010 wen I started professional and since then I been putting my 120% into every tattoo or design that I do.
My goal is to give everyone of my clients the best of me and the best of their ideas so they can be proud of the piece of art they're going to carry on their body for the rest of their life.
I want to thank all of my clients and friends for the support through all these years of adventure and happy moments that you have share with me and all the people from CHICAGO INK TATTOO
My days at the Shop:

Monday 2pm - 10pm

Tuesday 3pm - 11pm

Wednesday 2pm - 10pm

Thursday 2pm - 10pm

Friday OFF

Saturday 2pm - 10pm

Sunday OFF

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