Female Tattoo artist Appointments Closed!

My favorite tattoos are the ones that make you smile. Whether it be a beautiful flower, or a silly alien space ship, I always want to have fun with my clients. Tattoos are like a time capsule, and when you view them, you are given a little glimpse of someone's inner self. I want to bring that inner self, to outside viewers. 

I enjoy all styles of tattooing, but I always try to make my designs look clean and smooth.  With strong solid lines, and bright bold colors, I like to make tattoos to last. I want your tattoo to look as good years down the line, as it did the day you walked out of the shop.

I've been painting and drawing my whole life, and I try to incorporate all that I have learned into each tattoo. I continuously strive to know more about this craft, to better my tattoos and myself. So, I can give you a custom piece of art you can happily walk around with.