Tattoo artist Booking December 2018  and Walk ins welcome


Axe Spent his early years drawing and studied in a private art foundation where his art strived to build his roots which he then used as a foundation to utilize an understanding in the tattoo art. The artists passion for the arts started at a young age as a graffiti artist locally based in Chicago .

Professionally tattooing since 2015, 5 years experienced artist.

Axe focuses on the blends and structure in each tattoo to create a brilliant piece his clients would one day be proud to carry to the grave.

Each tattoo no matter how small it may be is expected to carry the same weight under the artist name as any 6 hour tattoo filled with minute details . The artist focuses mainly on realism work both in color and black and grey, Axe values the detail in each tattoo and strives to ensure the client is satisfied with their new tattoo.

Follow the artist : Instagram @tattooartbyaxe

Currently Booking part of November - December 2018 and Walk ins welcome.